Bankettsalen with classroom set up, Scandic Parken hotel, Alesund, Norway. Photo: Bjørn Sindre Høydalsvik

Bankettsalen is Aalesund's largest banquet hall, well equipped with mobile stage, large canvases, projectors, video camera, newly upgraded audio and light equipment, touch panel, it's own press gallery, etc. 
The headroom in the main part of Bankettsalen is 8 metres high, which ensures a spacious facility for large groups of people.

We have here hosted a wide range of conferences and banquets - from local meetings to international congresses.

This venue can house up to 1000 guests in theatre setup, and 850 guests in a banquet dinner. 


Conference room






Bankettsalen  610  450 pers 650 pers 600 pers   8,0 meters
Løvsal I  100    70 pers   80 pers   70 pers   3,2 meters
Løvsal II    65    40 pers   50 pers   40 pers 30 pers 3,2 meters
Løvsal III     44    25 pers   30 pers   30 pers 20 pers 3,2 meters
Løvsal IV (messe)   77  - - - - 3,2 meters
Full Plenum + 947  800 pers 1000 pers 850 pers    

Facility equipment:
  • Stage, height: 40 cm
  • 1 large main cancas with projector
  • 2 side canvases with projectors
  • Extra side canvases and projectors when expanded venue 
  • Video camera
  • Upgraded lights and audio equipment, incl. various types of microphones
  • Hearing loop system
  • Pens and paper
  • Wireless internett (WLAN)
  • Aircondition
  • Daylight 
  • Flipover on request
  • Overhead on request
  • Flipover / overhead markers on request
  • Wheelchair accessible

  Seafood Feast Banquet in Bankettsalen, Scandic Parken hotel, Alesund, Norway. Capacity of up to 850 guests for dinner. Photo: Bjørn Sindre Høydalsvik The Parken Hotel's servers welcoming guests to banquet dinner in Bankettsalen, Scandic Parken hotel, Alesund, Norway. Foto: Bjørn Sindre Høydalsvik