Ålesund has become a cultural centre for great festivals of all kinds. Visit one of them when you are in town! 

AALESUND LIVE - 7. and 8. June 2019
Aalesund Live is a big music festival which is held in the heart of Alesund, placing the town centre on the musical map. The festival replacee the Midsummer Jazz festival and opened up for the opportunity to pursue wider and more independent genres. Top names are well known national and international artists. 
See program and buy tickets on www.momentium.no/aalesundlive

SUMMER PARTY IN GISKE (The world's best festival) – 29.-30. June 2019
Under the motto "Peace, love and understanding" the Summer Party (Sommerfesten) is a festival out of the ordinary. You don't buy a ticket, but you decide how much you want to contribute with at the entrance. All are also welcome to bring some food, for everyone to share. This music festival is for all ages. Children's activities are held during daytime, while the national and international artists enter the stages in the evening. Don't miss it! 
For more information, see www.momentium.no/sommerfesten

ALESUND BOAT FESTIVAL – 10. - 13. July 2019
This is a coastal festival with many great exhibitors, concerts, children's entertainment and activities. An awesome experience for both young and old. Alesund Boat Festival gathered in 2014 around 75.000 visitors, making it the largest festival in the North West of Norway. Welcome to Aalesund in mid July. Enjoy all the things we have to offer in Norway's most beautiful city and maritime capital.
For more information, visit www.batfestivalen.no.

JUGENDFESTEN  – 16. and 17. August 2019
The Jugendfest is Ålesund's largest music festival, held in the town's largest arena, the Color Line Stadium. Large national and international musicians and artists enter the two stages during the two festival days. You do not want to miss this! 
For more information, program and tickets, visit www.momentium.no/jugendfest

THE NORWEGIAN FOOD FESTIVAL in Ålesund – 22.-24. August 2018
This annual food festival is held every year in August in the middle of Ålesund. Visit the festival's showcase area and get a taste delicious food from Norwegain land and sea.
Visit www.matfestivalen.no for more information and program.

HØSTSCENA - Ålesund Theatre festival – 25.-29. September 2019
The county of Møre og Romsdal's only theatre festival you will find in Ålesund every year in September, offering a versatile program for an audience from 2 to 100 years old.  
Visit their home page for program and tickets: www.hostscena.no