Feeding at the Atlantic Sea Park in Alesund, Norway. Photo: The Atlantic Sea ParkPhoto: Sunnmoere Museum, Alesund, NorwayPhoto: The art museum KUBE and Centre of Art Nouveau, Alesund, Norway

F.v. The Atlantic Sea Park, Sunnmøre Museum and the art museum KUBE/Centre of Art Nouveau

The Atlantic Sea Park is one of the largset salt water aquariums in Northern Europe. Here you can learn more about the known and unknown life in the deep seas of the Atlantic Ocean. Don't miss the feedings where you will meet cute penguins, seals and fish. A visit to the activity room is also strongly reccommended, where you can reach out and touch urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish, etc..  For more information, opening hours and prices, visit:

Sunnmøre Museum is a folk museum of coastal culture. Experience how the our ancestors in this region lived and worked, from the stone age and up to recent times. You can also join different acitvities for both children and adults. 
Visit their home page for opening hours and prices: 

Aalesunds Museum is the town museum located in the heart of Ålesund. It will tell you the adventurous story of how Ålesund developed from a small fishing village to the modern seaside city it is today. For more information, visit:

The Fishery Museum tells the history of the local fisheries and the fish processing industry on land. It also shows the journey from the early fishing methods to today's modern high tech fishing vessels. For more information, see:

A catastrophic town fire in 1904 left the entire town of Ålesund in ashes. The reconstruction of the town created on of Europes most characteristic and distinctive architectual environments of Art nouveau. Learn more about this architectual style through authentic interior, multi media show and different exhibitions. Visit the centre located in the heart of Ålesund. For more information, visit

The Art Museum KUBE is the county's official art museum, and is located in the centre of Ålesund, in the old Bank of Norway building from 1907. The museum is displaying art exhibitions of all forms and styles, of known and unknown artists. See their home page for more information, opening hours and ticket prices:

KHAAK Hall of Art
KHÅK Hall of Art is an atelier art in Aalesund. The Exhibitions display

Her vises utstillinger innen samtidskunst og det formidles grafikk fra et stort antall kunstnere både på nett og i galleri. Du finner de i Keiser Wilhelms gate 36, ved torget i Ålesund. Gratis inngang. For mer informasjon om utstillingene og åpningstider, se

KHAAK Hall of Art With a continously changing exhibition, they focus on contemporary art. The Association also have a vast selection of graphic art prints for sale, made by different profiled Norwegian artists. For more information on exhibitions and opening hours, visit