Other Recommended Activities

Ålesund and Sunnmøre offers a broad and varied selection of activities. In addition to the ones we have mentions on the other activity pages, we also reccommend the following activities and attractions in the region. For other tips and ideas, visit www.visitalesund-geiranger.com/en/WHAT-TO-DO.

The combination of beautiful nature, a superbly situated and protected coastal cultural heritage, and a unique connection with the sea has made Alnes Lighthouse a tourist magnet. In 1936 a new 225m high angle iron tower was built. This type of tower is rare in Norway. In "the old watch room" on the 2nd floor of the watch residence you will today find a permanent exhibition that shows the historical development of Alnes Lighthouse along with glimpses of the local fishing and farming communities from the past century up until about 1960. With its mainland connection, Alnes Lighthouse is easily accessible by car (20 min from Ålesund). www.alnesfyr.no

The beach, Sandvika, situated close by the lighthouse, is also a favored place for swimming and diving, and is concidered as one of the best surfing spots in the region.

Welcome to one of the world's most beautiful travel destinations, Geiranger, officially praised by National Geographic and placed on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Experience the mighty mountains and the Seven Sisters waterfall which will give you incredible photo opportunities. Departure from Ålesund 09.30 and returning at 17.45 . Applies only from mid April throughout August. www.hurtigruten.com

Join a tour to the wild and majestic Hjørundfjord, with stunning views of mountains and fjords at their most spectacular! The tour starts in Ålesund and arrives at Øye, where Hotel Union Øye is situated. At the end of 1800s Europe’s aristocracy and upper classes were frequent guests at the hotel. The hotel is completely restored to its original condition, and today presents all the splendour of its heyday. www.visitsunnmore.no

In the valley of Valldal, you will find a total of 600 meters of climbing tracks spread over 26 different obstacles placed low down and high up in the trees. Among this is two zip lines of 125 meters long. They offer climbing trails for all ages and skill levels. They offer a children's trail for the smallest children, a family trail that suits most guests and a more challenging trail for the more daring people. Visit the Valldal Activity Park during summer for an active experience for the whole family! For more information, opening hours and prices, see www.valldalaktivitetspark.no

Approx. 1,5 hours by bus/car through the town of Ørsta, or approx. 1 hour by boat on the Hjørundfjord and a small trip by bus, you arrive at Rekkedal Guesthouse. This old farm dates back to 1880 and offers exceptional event and dinner venues for small to medium groups. The host family is of the 19th generation with history back to 1604. Their culinary philosophy is "high quality local produce, mixed with tradition and inspiration from inland and abroad". www.rekkedalgjestehus.no

A charming inn in the small village of Trandal, located on the hillside in the Hjørundfjord. In the late nineties the old farm was restored and converted into a pub/inn, which has become a very attractive destination. The space is an ideal base for outdoor tourists seeking a unique experience in the Alps of Sunnmøre. They offer good food and drinks in a charismatic atmosphere, ready to serve you an experience you will never forget. A memory for life! Located approx. 1 hour by car from Alesund including two ferries, Solevåg-Festøy and Store Standal-Trandal. During summer you can go by boat from Ålesund – buy tickets at the Tourist Information desk. Do you have a boat yourself, take the time you need and enjoy the scenery. www.christian-gaard.no

This event and dining venue is located in the mountain side by the Hjørundfjord, where no roads exists. Reachable only by boat, approx. 1 hour from Ålesund. They are known for their hospitality and unpretentious atmosphere. The area offers dramatic and beautiful scenery. This memory you will have for life. www.christian-gaard.no

Runde is an island internationally known for its bird sanctuary, reachable by boat or by climbing to the mountain top. The island is also frequently visited by treasure hunters, who is searching for gold and silver coins from the shipwreck "Akerendam" from the 1700s. Runde Environmental Centre is an international research station, exhibition space and café, beautifully located facing the vast ocean. Visit www.visitalesund.com and www.rundecentre.no for more information and directions. 

Sykkylven is known worldwide for its production of funiture. Furniture Guiding offer guided tours through the history of furniture production in our region. How is a Stressless made? Join in to see and learn how furniture is being produced, get to know our proud history and how the furniture is carefully quality tested to meet your requirements. www.furnitureguiding.com

Ona is an small, but exciting island north of Ålesund, known for the landmarks Ona lighthouse and its potterie outlets. And don't miss the fish soup! 1 hour and 15 minutes by boat from the centre of Ålesund. www.onafyr.no - www.naf.no

An idyllic small island 1 hour by boat from Ålesund. Beautifully and peacefully located facing the open ocean. A nice area for hiking and cycling, and a family visit to the aqua park. www.visitmolde.com